Kinepathics® Method of Life Solutions

                                                        CENTER FOR AUTHENTIC LOVE                                                                                                                                                            “Authentic Love Coach” 


A Method for Empowerment, Awareness, and Enlightenment……Growing into more Love…and Consciousness.. Kinepathics® (ki ná path iks) comes from the Greek words kinesis (meaning bodily movement) and pathos (meaning feeling). Hence, “Moving the Feeling”. Kinepathics is a six-step approach for exploring the connection between your senses, your body and the environment. It is a system of liberating the heart into connecting to the body’s feelings, of liberating your feelings in action and letting go of the control that keeps you locked up inside. Kinepathics teaches one to regain mastery over your body, mind, emotions and libido and to heal through your own natural powers. It is a discipline of getting your body to respond to your minds needs. To practice Kinepathics is to strive for the truth, to let go of the suffering, to continually become a better person, to seek out your desires and to contribute to life your share. Kinepathics teaches how to surrender to your truth and authentic self, how to have mastery over every part of your life, to be free and come alive to your physical, emotional and sexual wholeness as one with your full being; to emerge from suffering and to re-build your identity. “Love is the greatest gift we can share”. It is where spiritual evolution and authentic love meet for sustainability and ever-unfolding wholeness.   Kinepathics a study of the self, a teaching of one’s inner belief where the physical, emotional and sexual unite.

Benefits of the Kinepathics® Method of Life Solutions


  • Strengthen relationship to the self, open up to self love
  • Understand your sexuality, your feelings, your heart and how these align
  • Transform your relationship and get more grounded
  • Develop the dance of push/pull, understand when to give and receive
  • Learn to be a better lover and re-charge your sexual being
  • Learn to communicate effectively and resolve misunderstandings
  • Learn how to find closure in relationships and get stronger
  • Integrate physical, emotional and sexual wholeness

Making the right decision to choose the Kinepathics Method of Life Solutions Coaching Program.. Become an “Authentic Love Coach”..

  • Kinepathics is not traditional therapy but rather a learning and understanding of your own body with a deep insight into the understanding of your source and sexual being
  • With Kinepathics you can coach individuals in a variety of areas such as self love, sexuality and transformation
  • Kinepathics offers experiential, explorative openness and mastery into achieving the fullness of life
  • In these times people need a new different approach to healing. Kinepathics is a non-traditional form of coaching so that people can understand it through not only the mind but the body and libido

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