Yes,I know relationships are difficult and you have a right to know what is going on in your relationship with your romantic partner. Depending on the kind of relationship there has to be some sort of rights especially if you are giving yourself in emotional ways. Firstly, one needs to communicate the type of relationship you are about to enter and just what your goals and concerns are. People get into these relationships and they have sex over and over and they float into whatever happens and sometimes that is good but it is always best to communicate where you are going with each other, where you stand because the emotions will get thick and the cheating will enter the frame.

So, you think he’s cheating and you’ve been involved with him 2 years now. In my life, there are relationships rights and one of them is honesty. Firstly, ask yourself what do you really want with each other. One must define their relationship—is it one of fun, sex, friendship, companionship etc. Is he or she someone you want for the long-term then if not it is important to adapt to the modern-day relationships way. Let’s face it men like juggling two women around without letting the other know. So, ladies to be a step ahead allow him to embark on that journey but to include you in the honesty part of it. Now if you are the type of woman that needs his full attention whether it goes anywhere or not then a modern-day relationship would not work for you.

Betrayal is a horrible thing especially when are the one being betrayed and you’ve been honest all along. The appetite for sex these days is fluid in nature and man and women can love many. There is the poly way but not necessarily do you have to go that route. It is important to communicate what you got with him or her so that there are no surprises.

So how do we begin. Before and during the relationship one must assess their feelings and understand that feelings open and close and get sore to. Are your emotions ready for this modern-day thinker when it comes to romance. Now once you know your feelings and emotions you can create boundaries. Know what it is that you need from your partner. Is it a full or half relationship? Then see your partner’s patterns and feelings. Your goal is to learn how to get honesty from him. If you communicate to him what you want and what is and isn’t ok within the scope of your relationship then you might get him to be honest.

If you’re in that bonded one on one exclusive relationship and you suspect he is not holding up his part of it then yes you have a right to show up and call him whenever you want to because relationships carry responsibility and that is a spiritual responsibility to your own and your partner’s feelings that come together in sacredness. I hear women say he gets it all wrong and needs to be taught. Then teach him or her because you know you deserve kindness, honesty, and attention. Find a way to get him to open up. Call his bluff and give him the permission to juggle you and another woman around as long as you know it and he uses protection.

It’s not a cut in stone world out there but it is important to adapt, to adjust to each other’s needs and wants and desires. If you know he is cheating and you are dedicated then it’s time to reclaim your body and soul back to a safe haven within your own self. The matches didn’t match here because you both were on different emotional planes. Find someone on your emotional wave.