Anita is known to open an audience up with her lively energy and sense of humor. When she talks to an audience she personalizes and is talking to you. She makes everyone feel special and part of the group. She is a master of liberating emotions and bringing the group together as a team. Her pureness and sense of love come through and she captures the audience.

Anita a unique, passionate speaker and workshop leader is the creator and founder of Kinepathics, Tantra Wisdom, Feminine Evolution WildDance Fitness and Center for Authentic Love. Anita will inspire, empower, invigorate and motivate your senses and open you up to a whole new level of yourself speaks and presents workshops on developing intimacy, cultivating sexual energy, expanding sexuality, deepening relationships, liberating and healing emotions, creating authentic love, and achieving a fulfilled transformed life. Anita has lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and presently resides in Philadelphia. Anita has lectured throughout the United States and overseas motivating all types of people from students, to corporate, womens organizations, religious groups, health and fitness, the entertainment business and more.


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I am very proud and fortunate to have met you. I am so proud and excited to tell you that after years of doing chemicals you were my inspiration to free me. Your words “take advantage of the good things in life” simply put an end to this habit. You’re awesome. I will treasure your words forever. I am happy and thrilled to have met YOU. “the kid who just discovered life.”

Ray Carpio

I highly recommend Anita for her work as a sex educator and creative director. She helps people to discover self-awareness and what barriers they can overcome with better breathing and moving the body through creative dance. Also she has a great sense of humor which makes the whole learning process fun.


Anita is very well versed in that which she shares…She creates a safe and nurturing container that holds the class…there were some amazing participants from all levels of self work and understanding. We melded into a great spirit of support, acceptance and transformation. There was great work that happened within our time…breathing, tears, laughter and dance…what could be better????????????

Jody D.

I really don’t know how to start this thought. I still feel today as I felt a few days ago after our first session EUPHORIC…. is the only word that can best describe this feeling. I am not as angry, discussed and disappointed with my wife and the situation I am in presently, basically my life of 59 years. Your book inspired me to become a better person to myself and to my wife and kids. I am happy to have met you even at this late era of my life.

Henry Gates

Kinepathics is an outside way to your inner self. I found this to be the most welcoming awareness to my body. I couldn’t stop moving. Anita came to New Jersey all the way from Los Angeles to teach this course. Once you begin to go deeper your mind starts to think differently, it essentially is a moving focus of the body.

Billie Dean

After reading your column “Love Buzz” in century city news I felt so much better about myself because you hit everything on the nose. I am free for the first time in my life. You sentence “life is precious” made me realize that I don’t want it to end and it makes so much sense to really appreciate life for what it is. Thank you so much for the awareness and empowerment. I loved your article so much.

Edward Scharf

Anitas class was freeing for everyone: Anita is an excellent and professional in working the negative energy out and identifying everyones issues! Many Thanks!


Master Tantra Yoga  Teacher and lover of the world: thank you so much for always, always, always seeing your genius and speaking it! You are a powerful force for goodness on this planet, and you’re an amazing teacher of love, non-judgment and acceptance of self. Your work is profoundly important and so, so needed on this planet. Thank you for helping to set us free from our fears and judgments around love, sexuality, and relationships and for bringing the practice of Tantra Yoga to our lives and for modeling it in your own life for all of us. The energy you bring to the planet is pure and good, and I’m so honored to know and love you.

Cheryl S.