Professional Training in Kinepathics® Method of Life Solutions

The market place is wide open for teachers of sexuality, mindfulness, love, relationships, and more. You can be a teacher of your choice within the field of Kinepathics. The Kinepathics Method of Life Solutions Coaching Program has practices that can benefit most all people. It’s a compilation of the new arts world theories and as a teacher you can alternate and strengthen areas of learning and teaching in any way that you create. The Kinepathics Method is a cutting edge evolution of mindfulness, sexuality and relationships coaching. You will learn techniques on bonding, communication, interaction, how to navigate relationship stages while exploring sexuality. You will be able to teach and instruct people on how to manage and balance emotional ups and downs, develop the ability to love again and re-discover intimacy and to break sexual patterns and discover love as the purpose. The process is one of compassion, understanding, detaching from judgments and expression. You will also be introduced to Tantra Wisdom™.

Learning Objectives

Kinepathics Method teaches the foundation, skills and tools along with exploration, experiential and practical application, theory and techniques to mindfulness, sexuality and relationship coaching.

What you will learn in the –Kinepathics® Method

  • The Relationship to Your Feelings ( Real Self)
  • Self Discipline ( Creative Self)
  • Breath Alive (Impulsive Self)
  • Body, Mind, Sexual Wholeness (Intuitive Self)
  • Communication (Confused Self)
  • Liberation (Acknowledged Self)

Kinepathics Method of Life Solutions



The Relationship to your Feelings (Real Self)

  • Foregiveness
  • Develop Self Love
  • Strengthen Relationship to Self
  • Honor The Body
  • Develop Giving and Receiving
  • Harnessing Aloneness


Self Discipline/Self Motivation (The Creative Self)

  • Developing Willpower
  • Healing Your Losses
  • Develop Healthy Boundaries
  • Learn to Use Energy in a Positive Way
  • Valuing Relationships


Breath Alive (The Impulsive Self)

  • Orgone Energy Breath
  • Bioenergetics/Reichian
  • Primal Shame
  • Decrease Fears, Defenses
  • Developing Trust
  • Developing a Spontaneous Self


Body Mind Sexual Awareness (The Intuitive Self)

  • Unlock Yourself
  • Somatic Therapies & Yoga
  • Love, Romance, and Dating
  • Sustaining Energy (Bandhas)
  • Body Movement
  • Touch and Isolation
  • Harnessing Sexual Energy


Communication (The Confused Self)

  • Developing Respectful Communication
  • Developing Clarity
  • Opening Your Heart to Your Feelings
  • Bonding-Intimacy
  • Non-Violent Communication


Liberation (The Acknowledged Self)

  • Physical, Emotional, Sexual Wholeness (Integration)
  • Freedom Within Structure
  • Life Management
  • Create The Change
  • Take Charge
  • WildDance® Fitness
  • Cultivate Love Awareness
  • Tantra Wisdom™


Kinepathics Method of Life Solutions Coaching Certificate.  Also Offering 200/300 Hour Yoga Alliance Registration and Kinepathics Yoga Certification. Offering Home Study for students of Yoga only and who live out of state. Tantra Wisdom Certification..  ” Authentic Love Coach” Certification..
Kinepathics, LLC………


The training is either one full week or 4 weekends.


The method of teaching is experiential, lecture, working with other students and field study.


Training is for those interested in wanting to develop coaching tools of mindfulness, sexuality and relationships. It is also for new minds looking for a career and to integrate tools into their already existing fields. It is for counselors, psychotherapists, yoga teachers, intimacy , sex and tantra coaches, spiritual healers, psychiatrists , and sexual health education teachers as well.