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Love and Relationship Coach

Anita’s Mission

My mission is to educate people to be enlightened and aware. To help free the emotions from pain. So that you can learn to love more openly, and recreate a more purposeful, empowered and happy life; thus awakening from separation and suffering and embracing the modern world with oneness and love.

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 Anitas Story

Anita DeFrancesco, MA, BA, E-RYS, E-RYT,  LMT

Somatic Orgonomy Psychotherapist

Two-time Award Winning Journalist

Founder: Tantra Wisdom  & Kinepathics

Love & Relationship Coach
Specializing in Reichian Orgonomy Breathwork, Bioenergetics,Yoga, Dance and Movement  Somatic Therapies,  Kinepathics Emotional Release Breathwork, Yoga Therapies, Tantra Breathwork,  Sex Therapy Education, Trauma Therapy.

Firstly this field choose me, and I welcomed, harnessed, and groomed it to an expertise. Growing up in a family where 2 parents were true soul mates but didn’t know how to express and communicate their love. They fought and this caused my heart great pain and eventually they split which caused a split in me.  I became the other parent at a very young age because I had great wisdom to understand my parents emotional pain which of course transferred into me. And then my story begins.

My story goes it that I have a history of profound experiences that I call “awakenings”. They began as far back as the womb. I learned to cultivate self love which brought me closer to my own feelings and the relationship to myself.

As a result of my awakenings I embarked upon a journey that led me to understand why people suffer and that when one suffers we all suffer. I took charge and became the hero of my own life of which I created a dynamic, passionate, sexual and liberated woman who celebrates every moment of life. A master of liberating feelings; I have a unique healing presence obtained from my own rich life experiences. I teach the power of love and how loving myself healed me from sickness, prejudice, politics and abuse.

At the age of nine I experienced another awakening whereby I was hospitalized for six months  with rheumatic fever. Being alone and away from home  confined to a bed without privileges, I learned to open my heart to my own feelings, cultivate wisdom and develop a self relationship. As the only white child among African American children I learned that love goes beyond race. This experience made me realize if my heart isn’t open how can I have good sex. My first tantra lesson. It was tantra that healed me, not medicine.

Another awakening was of  sexual trauma I experienced  which helped me realize that emotions and sexuality need education and this is also another reason why I chose this field. I experienced much unfulfilled sex with partners which led me to seek out and teach and learn. Woar was a part of my healing journey.

I am the founder and creator of “Tantra Wisdom”.  I offer workshops and programs for couples, singles, men, women, seniors and anyone who wants to awaken into the empowerment of intimacy, love and clearness of their emotions. I am the author of Live Free Re-Create and Liberate Your Life and The Donna Gentile Story. I also created “Kinepathics” Emotional Cleansing. I have created “Center for Authentic Love”. My podcast is Discover Joyous Love.

A leader and inspirator with an insightful wisdom in the areas of self empowerment, self discovery, and transformation. A devotee of the human condition, emotional awareness, sexuality, relationships and family.

An  Author and two time award winning  journalist. Workshop Facilitator, Psychotherapist, Reichian-Orgonomy Somatic Bioenergetics Therapist, Movement Artist Educator,Yoga teacher,  advanced Tantra Educator, Film and Television  Actor/Producer. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Ryokan University. A full education in  Broadcast Journalism  from Temple University.  A Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Antioch University. Early on I worked in allied health as a registered and fully trained Mammographer, X-Ray technologist and ultrasound therapist and I realized how important the female sexual organs are in the world of love and the importance of sexual emotional freedom. Received the Valedictorian award from my x-ray class mates.  Early on in highschool  I created a drug free group for teenagers called RAP ( reach a person).

I authored two books: Live Free -Recreate and Liberate Your Life- and The Donna Gentile Story. Was a columnist for Century City News in Los Angeles titled “Love Buzz”, A columnist for Women on Top Magazine and  Beverly Hills Times titled “On the Move” and Advance Magazine in Philadelphia titled “X-Ray Visions”

I studied opera,  dance movement arts and dramatic theatre. I studied Acting drama arts with Joe Palese in Los Angeles of The Actors Space.  I was a backup singer in an opera group Little Lyric Opera in Philadelphia with John Nicholas Peters and Tony Pugliese.  I also acted in stage, murder mystery theatre  and movie day playing parts.  My first moment on the scene was an improv dance I created  to the song “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” where I received a standing ovation from 600 highschool girls at Saint Maria Goretti High in Philly, an awakening to my senses.  I had a principal role in the  movie Voiceless; a film about prohibition and abortion. I am a two time nation wide award winning medical journalist for radio broadcast stories on infertility and adult leukemia. Early on I worked helping the homeless and assisted in blind centers and the Variety club camp for the disabled. In Los Angeles I worked at the Children of the Night rescuing young runaways and teaching somatic movement arts  with Dr. Lois Lee.   My first Tantra teacher was Swami Virato who founded “the new frontier” magazine in Philadelphia. I later was inspired by STING, Marianne Williamson, and Sondra Ray who I had the opportunity to interview.  I also worked and studied  personally with Alexander Lowen, M.D. who invented bioenergetics, I studied Yoga @ Yoga Works and with  Mr. Iyengar and many others.  I also appeared on the Roseanne Barr show in 2000. I furthered my education  in Chiang Mai Thailand with Montak Chia, studying and certification in Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai. I attended Lanmark events. My dance movement teachers were Dance Alive with Marianne Karou of Dance Alive , Anna Halprin, Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche Meditation and Radiance Sutras, Continuum with Emily Conrad. White Lotus Yoga Foundation where I studied Yoga.

I am known for my liberal edge and unique personality that opens the paradigm up in people seeking better relationships. I believe the Inspiration is first then the challenge.