Live Free: Re-Create and Liberate Your Life

The Donna Gentile Story: True Crime


Anita Defrancesco Author of: Live Free: Re-Create and Liberate Your Life

Physical-Emotional-Sexual Wholeness

Why are relationships so complex and sex so it really about sex..or about living free…is having sex being free.….does freedom exist without eroticism

Imagine being able to do whatever you want to do, say whatever is on your mind, self realizing your thoughts, and staying calm in the middle of chaos. Imagine getting rid of your baggage, feeling more sexual, developing trust and letting go of the defenses; flowing with ease, having spontaneity, having more authentic love and enjoying nurturing friends and a nourishing sense of belonging in the place of loneliness. This is what it is like when you learn to let go and live free. Learn how to understand the relationship to the self. This is true liberation.

Author Anita DeFrancesco teaches you through a collection of her life experiences of how to manage, live and understand your life, sexual being and emotional self. She teaches how all suffering is your spiritual teacher and with this awareness anyone can transform their life right there in the middle of pain. She invites you to take a journey through the Kinepathics approach to physical, emotional and sexual wholeness. These solutions will lead to a more fulfilled energy and willpower, more passion, happiness, love, contentment, and a mastery over the suffering. You will be inspired page by page, by a life that has been transformed over and over again in every second. This evolution is a moment in time, a time to experience your fullness.

Blending together spirituality, somatic psychology, medicine, tantric yoga and a variety of energy techniques Anita brings together the relationship between the body, mind, spirit, the environment and the sexual being. Anita comes from a resiliency that is deep and unique. She presents an approach that will teach you to understand why you are the way you are and that anything is possible. She teaches that when we empty our cup and open our heart to our feelings a transformation then begins. The first step is taking charge to loving yourself so that you can develop the ability to be free.

Live Free is a journey for those who want to evolve into their full being, those who want to learn to receive love and give equally, for those who want to experience life, to those who want inspiration and direction and who want to expand their journey. This inspiration will awaken the best in your human spirit. This book is part autobiography and part self help on how I did my journey.

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