Anita DeFrancesco,MA
Love & Relationship Coach


Anita is known to open an audience up with her lively energy and sense of humor. When she talks to an audience she personalizes and is talking to you. She makes everyone feel special and part of the group. She is a master of liberating emotions and bringing the group together as a team. Her pureness and sense of love come through and she captures the audience.

Anita a unique, passionate speaker and workshop leader is the Founder of Tantra Wisdom and Kinepathics Emotional Cleansing. A two time international global author of Live Free and The Donna Gentile Story. Anita will inspire, empower, invigorate and motivate your senses and open you up to a whole new level of yourself, she speaks and presents workshops on developing intimacy, cultivating sexual energy, expanding sexuality, deepening relationships, liberating and healing emotions, creating authentic love, and achieving a fulfilled transformed life. Anita has lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and presently resides in Philadelphia. Anita has lectured throughout the United States and overseas motivating all types of people from students, to corporate, womens organizations, religious groups, health and fitness, the entertainment business and more.

Client Reviews

I am very proud and fortunate to have met you. I am so proud and excited to tell you that after years of doing chemicals you were my inspiration to free me. Your words “take advantage of the good things in life” simply put an end to this habit. You’re awesome. I will treasure your words forever. I am happy and thrilled to have met YOU. “the kid who just discovered life.”

Ray Carpio

I’m not sure you know what you do for people, but I feel so completely different today. You’re a gem. I feel lucky to have found you and that you agreed to help me.

Amy Taylor

Whatever you said, “make love whatever you want it to be”, it worked. Something about your words…I thank you very much for your inspiration and the new-found girlfriend that entered my life for the long term.

Carl Alberici

Anita gave me one of the most edifying hours of my life in her tantric workshop at the Lightening in a Bottle, Burning Man event in Santa Barbara. There was an undeniable erotic power in her tantric yoga of a kind I’d never experienced before. She’s right. This can SAVE the world. You made a convert, among other things.


It’s because of you that I’ve become inspired to focus on the path of awareness, enlightenment and love…I honor you, love you and thank you.

Ana V. Rodrigues

I don’t know what you did or said, but you’re good. I am off of alcohol after 13 years. I feel healed.

Stephen H.

You saved my marriage; you helped me to accept myself to deal with the everyday challenges. I am able to access more play and joy and express myself more openly.

Sandra Caruso/ UCLA Professor

Our meeting the other day really helped. I felt that I deserved to be treated special and that is exactly what happen. I realized that it is the love of my feelings that helped me see this through and that loving the self gets me what I want in life. Things are well with my partner…you have helped me so much. I even lost 15 lbs. after our first session