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Emotional Cleansing

Emotional Cleansing [Tantra Wisdom] w/ Anita DeFrancesco

Video Credit: One Way Productions

Live Free Book ~ The Pope Story

Anita talks about how she experienced a miracle when she met Pope John Paul II

Video Credit: JPac Productions

Voiceless: Special Leader’s Video

A powerful film about the Abortion Movement. Anita was a principal actor in this film. A must see film about love, hate and the voiceless in all of us.

Couples Tantra Wisdom

A sacred ritual YouTube sharing by Anita

Video Credit: One Way Productions

Love, Sex, and Romance

An educational sharing by Anita about Love, Sex, and Romance.

Video Credit: One Way Productions

Sexuality & Shame

Having shame can be debilitating when it comes to dating. Shame is a sexual based emotion that stems from childhood experiences and expressions.

Video Credit: JPac Productions

Modern Sex & Relationships

The human condition requires more than what once was in the dating and romance world. Modern Sexuality is a whole new way of pampering and relating in your relationship.

Video Credit: JPac Productions

Interview with Randall of SingingBowlGuru

Anita of Tantra Wisdom Interviews Randall of SingingBowlGuru on Tantra & OM Differences

Session with Randall of SingingBowlGuru

Randall of SingingBowlGuru session with Anita DeFrancesco of Tantra Wisdom

Divine Masculine Feminine Rising Summit

Divine Masculine Feminine Rising Summit with Anita Defrancesco [Oct 10, 2017]

Break the Silence

Freely Express Your Erotic Divine Feminine Nature
Feb 2018 Interviewed By Gila Nehemia

Sacred Sex Roundup

Oct 27,2011 NY

Anita DeFrancesco – What is Tantra?

Podcast #Lovegasm


Anita DeFrancesco Featured on Aquarian Radio. I was interviewed by Janet Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin . Tantra for Everyone: My Journey