What I Do

Psychotherapy, Love & Relationship Coach: 

Reichian-Orgonomy Somatics & Sex Therapy/Education

I work with all populations Couples, Men, Women, LGBTQ, Singles and families. Anita offers private coaching, mentoring and psychotherapy for everyone including couples and singles. Her sessions are tailored and designed to open you up to your subconscious levels of healing emotions and patterns thus empowering you to a more passionate, happy life. Sessions are integrative and transformative.

Coaching & Psychotherapy sessions are available in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles. She is also available by Skype.

Anita can help you:

  • Move from repression to expression
  • Move beyond Addictions, Compulsivity
  • Move through the shame, guilt, denial, stigma, fears
  • Increase Libido levels
  • Take steps for better lovemaking and intimacy
  • Develop the ability to love again, re-discover intimacy and sexual excitement
  • Balance emotional, physical, sexual wholeness
  • Repair sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular health
  • Be a better lover, conquer performance anxiety
  • Break sexual patterns and discover love as your purpose
  • Find the things in common with your partner
  • Stop hoping it will last but rather make the relationship last forever
  • Manage and balance emotional ups and downs; personal dramas
  • Develop concise clarity, choice and assertiveness; clear addictions
  • Develop the ability to be confrontational on neutral ground
  • Learn how to live your life; how to keep it together; take charge
  • Stop procrastinating, decrease fears, head noise; open to courage
  • Stop putting yourself off and shutting yourself out
  • Let go of the denial and resistance character
  • Be a better lover, learn the art of creating “intimate moments”
  • Transform your relationship and get more grounded
  • Get away from self defeat and defensive behaviors
  • Communicate effectively and resolve misunderstandings
  • Learn how to begin, stay connected and healthily end a relationship
  • Navigate relationship stages and explore sexuality
  • Let go of the grudges
  • Recreate the happy home and family
  • Learn how to find closure in relationships, and get stronger

Tantra Wisdom Healing Exercises & Rituals

    Divine Love Transformation


Sacred private sessions, for couples and singles. Learn to open up to the truth and trust your soul. Heal from a deep place and expand upon your gifts of love and ecstasy. Support your sacred growth through awakening, transformation and mindfulness. Sessions encourage emotional wake up, freedom of expression and interaction of the spirit.

COUPLES who want to explore and expand their intimate connections. Bring back the passion, communicate more effectively in and out of the bedroom, open channels to higher lovemaking. Open up to unexpressed emotions. Dissolve sexual armor establish an enriching relationship.

SINGLE MEN who want to explore the divine masculine and embody a deeper sensual power to lovemaking. Overcoming porn and other addictions. Learn to  contain  and direct your sexual energy. Activate sexual energy and dissolve emotional and sexual armor. Learn to connect sex with spirit. Learn why sexual energy deadens.

SINGLE WOMEN work with dissolving sexual emotional armor, and resistance and overcoming trauma. Awaken body pulsations, align body, mind and spirit. Revitalize your sexual being. Learn to commit to body pleasure. Expression Rituals to expand expression. Adapt to orgasmic expansion and freedom.


ALL SESSIONS ARE PROFESSIONAL, THERE IS NO NUDITY OR SEXUALITY.  FOR SINGLES I AM THE PARTNER YOU LEARN WITH. More than one session is recommended to fully understand the practice and theory. I offer package deals.

1 Session @ 90 minutes  $200

2 Sessions @ 90 minutes $350

3 Sessions @ 90 minutes $600


  • The art of Tantra, spirit and emotion
  • Meditative, orgone, cobra breathwork
  • Tantra techniques
  • Make Love to Life
  • Touch, Sensation, Perception
  • Sacredness, Divine Transformation
  • Love as a language
  • Chakras, energy, errogeneous zones
  • Sex to Heart Magic
  • Physical, emotional, spiritual alignment

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Reichian-Orgonomy Somatic Therapy ( Kinepathics Emotional Cleansing)

Kinepathics emotional cleansing is a term I developed for the whole being  Oriented Psychotherapy that comes from Reichian-Orgonomy therapy as developed by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. a respected analyst who focused on character structure rather than on individual neurotic symptoms. He authored “The Function of the Orgasm” which teaches that sexuality is the center around which revolves the whole of social life and inner life of the individual. He coined the term “sexual revolution”.
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Awakening Retreat Intensives

These are two day retreats for singles or couples at a serene retreat area.

Tantra Wisdom CERTIFICATE Teacher Training


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