So you feel as though your relationship is coming to an end or at least some changes within the relationship.  Firstly when one is consciously ready to move on chances are the other is to but the idea of it is still living in the subconscious. Is your partner not giving you as much attention as usual or is he drifting without saying anything about his feelings. I find this not acceptable and to leave another persons  feelings in the dark or in limbo  while the other moves more into their independent self is more hurtful than the break up.

Talking as two adults about changing the dynamics in your relationship can be so much more soothing and healing to both of you. First find out why the change or separation. It is important to separate first before starting  another relationship. Breaking up for another lover is weak. I believe a couple should break up because its time to move on and nothing more. If your partner breaks up with you because they have someone else; oh well they must of been cheating. It should never get to that. You must nip it in the bud. If you see the changes coming; do new things because novelty has worn away. So be sure to keep it spicy by getting creative with romantic exercises and getaways so the relationship doesn’t  get boring.

In a relationship one must always sensor the dynamics and changes and feelings since we as humans are in constant change. All that she or he wants is a proper verbal understanding or closing of the relationship; not a text. Its important to respect your partners wishes in wanting to move on or make changes within the relationship.  Its up to you to get this so that your emotions and moving on is easier.  This is what you owe each other.