dedicate-sexualityDedicating your sexuality to one person could be something of the past. I used to wonder if it was the married people who had “sexual dedication”. Some don’t even know what that means. Saving yourself and honoring yourself within that space between you and your partner is a good start. With the up-rise of polyamory these days’ looks like the sexual dedication to one person is long gone. It’s not a bad thing just that dedication has always been something of a mission in my life and dedication to the spirit in another person is fulfilling in many ways. Having sexual dedication today doesn’t mean to one person but rather to your being, honoring and loving yourself enough to dedicate, take the time to share and experience yourself with another human being. Of course the ultimate is always just sharing with one person but in this day and age with the fast world we are living in it is important to adjust to the growing times. After all sharing your love with more than one person isn’t a bad thing, just being aware of what your partner is contributing to the moment as well.

It all begins with the heart and sexual energy and bringing these together as one that makes us want to dedicate this special act with one person. And yes women tend to be more one to one than men; as men are the hunters and givers and want to share with more than one. I often wonder how easy that is to do and yet why emotions can feel conflicting and insecure. Where and why does this affect come over us and how do we make those adjustments? We can start by understanding your sexual energy and being and how your emotions integrate with this power.

Sexual energy has nothing to do with sex. When we become clear and connected to the body’s source you can understand how sexual energy is the body’s natural force of power and light and should not be negated, ignored or shamed. Once we get to know the energy and the different parts of the body where energy lives you then can have a better understanding of your feelings. Intensify your sex life and empower your life force by using sexual energy for everything that you do not just making love. In essence becoming more connected and appreciating the things in life and surrendering to this ecstasy as a full unit of your hearts expression. Sexual energy is an energy that is best flowing through the whole body so that emotions move and anger is restored so that frustration and tension dissolve. Using it for just sex is like living in a box when you could do so much more with this energy; the possibilities are enormous. When the sexual energy is embraced and integrated loving with the whole body removes splits which can affect the cells and behavior. When these splits are mended through full body integration which includes all of the energy of the body then sexual experiences and expressions are more fulfilling and life is more enhanced.

When we block off energy from living is when depletion occurs and can wear one out on many levels; it is the sexual energy that is hiding. Open up to that energy and you will become more vital, and less depressed. So getting back to dedicating your sexuality. When the energy is not contained and we have even just one special partner, depletion and negativity can occur. When the energy is contained having one partner is sufficient and dedication to the spirit can begin. Sometimes having to many partners takes away from the source and can leave one feeling empty. It is ok to have dedication to more than one person if your mindset is there and you understand sexual energy cultivation.

Tips on how to dedicate the sexual energy that naturally flows throughout your body:

  • Clear the mind, yes get rid of the head noise through physical activity
  • Intention: take a moment to bring your consciousness to your spine and breathe in the nose and out the mouth and imagine a stream of light moving upward from the tail bone to the top of the head, sensing the energy moving. Energy follows attention and a flow is stimulated
  • Let go of judgments toward yourself and others…it takes sexual energy to hate and judge so harness the jewels
  • Open your heart to your own feelings; stop trying to take power from another. Once you dedicate the energy within you then will have clear feelings

Dedication is a wonderful word, a wonderful practice of life. Dedicate not only your sexuality but dedicate and surrender to your moments in life whatever they may be.