Would you rather be a giver or a receiver in Life and in Love? In this episode Randolph and his special guest Anita DeFrancesco discuss Tantra, relationships, and pleasure; the psychology or giving and receiving; what it means to be romantic. Are you into friendship love or game playing love? Men and women and how they differ in love and in relationships. What it means to fall in love. The search for your True Flame. Anita DeFrancesco, MA, is a Somatic Orgonomy Psychotherapist, a two-time Award Winning Journalist, and a Love & Relationship Coach. She is the Founder of Tantra Wisdom – Kinepathics. She is the host of the Discover Joyous Love series on YouTube and also of the Discover Joyous Love and It’s Your Voice Podcasts available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and elsewhere. She is the author of “Live Free – Recreate and Liberate Your Life” and “The Donna Gentile Story,” a true crime thriller. Mindfullness, Sexuality and Relationships: Anita’s mission is to educate people to enlightenment and awareness. To free the emotions from pain, learn to love more openly, express the hidden voice, and recreate a more purposeful, empowered and happy life; thus awakening from separation and suffering and embracing the modern world with oneness and love. her website is www.TantraWisdom.com Randolph Pitts holds Summa Cum Laude degrees in Social Psychology and Egyptology from the University of California Berkeley, and a Masters Degree in Motion Picture Production and Entertainment Law from UCLA. He has also done advanced research for the Department of Psychology at UCLA, concentrating on couples and relationships dynamics. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the American Philosophical Association, the organization of university professors of Philosophy. He is also an associate member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Randolph has been a top executive at several entertainment companies, including a ten year stint as Chief Executive Officer of the company that produced Leaving Las Vegas for which Nicolas Cage won the Academy Award as best actor. He has a lifelong interest in the relationship between philosophy, psychology and history. He is the founder and host of the Explore Ecstatic Sensuality podcast. Discover Joyous Love Episode #22 Guest: Randolph Pitts speaking on Sensuality