Reality vs Negativity (fear): Sexually speaking  what is the reality of your soul and your sex life? What is reality and what isn’t? I hear people make negative comments and back it up with ‘well I’m just looking at the reality” . So what I am hearing is that fear has become a reality for some and that reality has become a denial for others. What’s real and what isn’t?  And it all depends on the subject matter. For example if some one eats a lot of junk the reality is they stand the chance of becoming unhealthy in many ways. But those people turn that reality into a denial and create false realities to rationalize for their own fears they are living with. I believe its all sexual based. Another example where infidelity is concerned; if he cheats chances are she will divorce him; that is a reality to face. Knowing what we are faced with and allowing ourselves to surrender to the forefront of the problem or concern.

We create and are responsible for our own reality. Whatever you put out there becomes your reality which sometimes is fueled with fear which then becomes a negative thought. For example you walk into a lovely home to rent and you spit out  something like “this house is so nice it will get broken into”. Now that is not a reality but rather a fear based thought that created negative thinking patterns. So now this has become a programed energetic thought that could eventually become a reality. Lets get reality and fear straight. The reality is that if you have a lot of promiscuous sex without protection  chances are you can get STD’s.  Now that’s a reality based on that behavior. But then again love is blind and sex is ecocentric. The nature of our human soul is refined from its own survival. The reality of life is the nature of our existence and it is this that is the divine of our being.

The reality of the soul is so deep and has a life of its own. The relationship to the soul is the deepness that you allow yourself to enter.  The soul is the most present part of your sexuality and to make that a reality one must connect its powers to the freedom of your “sexual being” . The reality is that the spirit will come alive and find its place, its purpose. Love is a reality.