Tantra is a cutting edge spiritual evolution of today and a practice for those who want to deepen their awareness of the soul and celebrate and live life to its fullest.

Tantra is for those who want to discover and recreate profound experiences and share the love in community.

It has many descriptive traditions but Buddha revealed Tantra as the common or Vajrayana path. Here are some questions and answers for further learning.

Tantra Questions And Answers

1. What Is Tantra?

Tantra is here because the planet needs more love. Tantra dates back 7000 years ago which emerged as a spiritual yoga practice in India.

Sages both Hindu and Buddist presented the body teachings known as Vedas; supreme consciousness; and used sexual union as a metaphor for weaving together the physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual as one divine human being.

Tantra’s purpose is enlightenment, empowerment and spiritual liberation. Liberation and freedom from suffering. The teachings of Tantra are rare and precious and once learned become a valuable life lesson.

Tantra works on the transformation of energy, it is not about sex but about self respect, self-love, austerity, contentment and trust, Sex is the peripheral of all things to come. The integration helps one to reach a self acknowledgement of cosmic intelligence

Tantra is a yoga of the senses; the sensory part of the human body. It is important to nourish this because the physical body depends on the senses for rejuvenation. Tantra practices the same mindset of Classical Yoga as given by Patanjali in honoring the self as the divine and committing to one’s inner being.

In Classical Yoga one learns the pranayama to fuel the physical emotions into a mindful meditation and in Tantra one learns to understand the senses and motor skills and how this formation brings balance in the human condition.

Tantra teaches us to open our love channels. Therefore Tantra is a holistic approach to yoga whereby an authentic truth is discovered at the same time letting go of hate and judgment.

Tantra embraces and acknowledges the masculine and feminine as one in the human condition which are honored and accepted as Shiva and Shakti

The physical body is known as Shakti and Shiva is known as the consciousness and they both equally deserve the same degree of respect and adoration.

When we look at this from a western world point of view we are lending way to the human in that man and woman equally deserve the presence and balance of love.

2. Can Anyone Practice Tantra?

Tantra is for you, me and everyone out there who wants to achieve a higher power of enlightenment and be empowered by self-love and the love of life

Tantra is a wonderful practice for singles, couples, new minds, seniors and even teenagers

Tantra teaches respectful communication skills and the basics of loving all humans

3. What are the Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Tantra?

Tantra is a psychology all of its own. Emotionally speaking Tantra opens up channels of stuck vines that have been longing for life

The dormant parts of the brain awaken and creativeness is rediscovered. Actually, Tantra is needed on many levels because the physical shell we live in cannot survive without the presence of emotional fluidity

Tantra encourages* emotional intelligence and expands the brain to greater depths. The emotions need expression and Tantra supports* it’s growth

Psychologically speaking Tantra exercises influence confidence and courage in one’s character. Tantra teaches one to develop a higher integrity and to let go of defensive character and harness the relationship to one’s own feelings

Tantra can mediate the aging process and empower one’s libido

The higher power is strong and yet hidden and once you go to that plane you really sees life for what it is. Essentially I am saying that Tantra practice can help you accept your everyday life with a more positive outlook. That’s right Accept Yourself

Tantra teaches one to develop intimate strength, and to balance emotional ups and downs.

Tantra helps one move through shame, guilt, denial and fears

Patience is crucial to any relationship and is developed after the teachings

4. Do i need a Partner to Practice Tantra?

Tantra gives us the opportunity to develop the “Beloved Self” which means you are the Beloved. It is important to begin Tantra alone with your own feelings so it is not necessary to have a partner

Tantra teaches to refine and recognize the self as the Beloved; that is the first step into attracting a Beloved

Meeting strangers in a class helps open the heart and we learn new things about the self that we didn’t know. The practice of Tantra begins and ends with the self

You learn to have a relationship with your own feelings first and this is where intimate strength is developed

5. Can Tantra help with PTSD, Sexual Trauma & Disease?

Yes. All trauma is emotional based. Medically speaking Tantra restores ones emotional health to a better* place so that disease moves out

Tantra promotes* stronger* connective tissue. The connective tissue is the fluid string of the body where disease begins and sets in. When the connective tissue is clean and recycled the body recharges and restores its innateness and restores health

Tantra can help one’s sexual health in opening up numb dormant suppressed areas to want to experience pleasure again. It strengthens ones physical flow.

The Kinepathics Emotional Cleansing work is a process where we work to undo layers of armor and numbness.

Whatever the trauma one has lived, whether it be serving in the war or sexual abuse or even verbal abuse the body’s connective tissue holds onto the layers of unexpressed emotions thus causing one to live with a split in their character

Tantra can lower HBP, supports* ones cardio health, and lowers stress hormone levels

6. Can Tantra Develop My Sexual Being?

Yes. Tantra is a sexual empowerment of love. Tantra has been misrepresented for many years into having people believe it’s all about sex. Well that’s not a bad thing but a pleasurable thought

In my empirical experience I have learned that Tantra is about opening up to all of the body’s energy potential and aligning that with thought and action

Vatsyayana wrote the Kama Sutra text with the purpose of opening the senses and teaching one to flirt with life. Kama is the enjoyment of the five senses; hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell assisted by the mind and the soul

Tantra is a prime healer of the wounded senses and pain that keep one in fear and bondage from living their life in the way they desire.

When the senses are held hostage and fear keeps one in bondage everyday life and our interactions with children are fleeting and romantic encounters are unfulfilled

The sexual being is a package from the womb into the person you’ve become. Essentially sexuality is a part of healing*

7. Tantra and Surrogacy

Tantra is a wonderful tool for those people who have intimacy challenges such as high functioning, Asperger syndrome and cerebral palsy populations to name a few and challenges of getting close or who haven’t experienced much touch from their parents as babies

Masters and Johnson developed the Sensate Focus technique that teaches touch as a prime healer. Tantra combines that with “soul eye gazing” to shed the armor in the eyes

These prime healers can bring some fulfillment to populations that suffer and live in isolated pain because of a disability

8. what is the Difference Between Tantra and Tantra Sex?

There is White, Red and Black Tantra

White Tantra prepares the spirit to sustain and contain energy channels for a healthier life

The cultivated container helps with extending pleasure and awakening the life force (kundalini)

You are ready for Tantra Sex after you’ve cultivated energy

Tantra Sex is being patient and taking your time to honor each other’s divinity. It is the actual practice of sacred ritualized sex

9. How can Tantra Improve* My Marriage And Sex Life?

Through the sensory exercises Tantra can bring back that foreplay feeling again, it teaches you to go back and relearn love all over again. It brings a new awakening to the cells

Tantra can bring back the spark that was once there; in that it teaches one to focus on the moment, be more patient and to communicate appreciation and respect

The heart can become numb over the years, Tantra helps to open channels through Chakra points that align the heart and spirit as one

Tantra teaches how to communicate from the heart and supports* an insight into one’s desires. Trust, healthy boundaries and receptiveness are then developed

Tantra supports* the libido, orgasmic function and sexual challenges

Tantra teaches how to balance out giving and receiving energies

10. Whats the Connection with Tantra and The Orgasm ?

Men can have multiple orgasms as women do. Full body orgasms are obtained when all the sacred connective tissues are stimulated in the body

The full body orgasm is the expression of the tantra orgasm. Once you learn the philosophy of Tantra then you can understand the breath and sound of the orgasm which is the fullness of the human being.

Tantra helps us understand the orgasm from the wholeness of our being

Orgasm is any release where a physical combined emotional response takes place such as a sneeze or yawn. Tantra promotes* emotional expression so that the sensual voice is alive in orgasm

Tantra teaches how to transmute, contain and cultivate sexual energy

11. Why is a Tantric Relationship Different?

A Tantric relationship is conscious journey and choice and a mind that seeks enlightenment and spiritual freedom. An ordinary relationship is one without a developed spirit. So what does that mean:

Both partners are committed to developing the relationship of the self and the relationship as a couple

Tantra is a path where couples share a common mindset into seeking out the authentic teachings to develop a profound connection

To practice and honor spirit and being committed to the relationships spiritual evolution

Practicing the vows of respect, adoration and honor

12. What is the Tantra Tool Bag Approach?

Breath. Cobra, Fire Orgasm, Orgone, Kundalini, Ocean. There are many forms of breath that are applied to get the process going. Breathing helps to prolong sexual energy, master ejaculatory control* (containment) charges up the sexual self and brings blood circulation to the genitals

Somatic’s to include undulation, movement, dance movement and other physical energy modalities. Reduces* body armor, encourages* fluidity, helps let go of rigidity

Communication both sexual and emotional and both respectful and compassionate

Sensate Focus applies gentle touch techniques to also help undo layers that block the body from its natural pleasure source. Promotes* sensory awareness, non-verbal-non-sexual touching. Teaches boundaries and can help with impotence

Practicing the art of Puja Ritual heightens love to expand to a greater consciousness

Opening and awakening the Chakras. To bring into full alignment, bringing the split together. Chakras are interconnected with the emotions and the goal is to open the brain cells and connect to a positive spiritual energy

Other modalities are sound, muscle lock, eyegazing and yoni/lingam awakening

Ultimate goal is to create attention/intention concentration and commitment which helps with lack of desire and brings it up to a higher level of intimacy. Attention technique brings about a focus on pleasure and listening skills

To summarize here, Tantra is a relationship to life. It is really just about becoming the best person you can be to yourself and others around you. The reward is a healthy romantic relationship that has potential to last a lifetime.
The choices are based on the higher power of expression, truth, pleasure and freedom and at the same time being all inclusive of your partner and those people that enter your path.

Relationship push Ands Pull

There are struggles in every relationship both romantic and friendship. Its human nature

Relationships are complex but require support* systems to be in place with each other because basically what we are all after is love, acceptance, and attention

What triggers the emotions is old anger and can come up at any time with a beloved so it is important to own your own feelings as well as nourish and support* the growth by getting emotional cleansing

There are three components to a relationship; you, your partner and the sacred space which is the meeting place.

This is the place where life happens and where we come back to check in with the relationship to our own feelings. It is important to honor this space as meeting and separating are ongoing

Healthy relationships have a foundation; structure, boundaries, freedom

Closeness brings friction therefore respect the space and find the alone time there

The sacred meeting space gives one the opportunity to reassess the self and grow independently of one another. It gives one the security of knowing they can always go back home to their inner self

Keeping the balance of giving and receiving lends harmony to the love within

People for the most part don’t change we just adapt and adjust to each other

Waking up and going to sleep with a joyful attitude is the best preservation that a relationship has. It is the best intimacy one can have

Patience and purpose are good relationship qualities to adopt

If you feel guilt in the relationship then it’s a time to communicate and open the heart of honesty because no human really wants to hurt someone

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