Learning and experiencing tantra is a great way to connect deeply with your partner, to combat premature ejaculation and to find more sexual confidence, but did you know that you can also experience an orgasm that is substantially more satisfying and overwhelming than your standard orgasm? In fact, if done correctly both men and women can achieve this level orgasm over and over again in one love making session.

While tantra is a constant learning process that will take time, practice and communication, there are a few steps you can begin taking to start experiencing better, stronger and multiple orgasms.


Learn your breath

Breathing is a fundamental part of the tantra process. Just like in yoga, synchronized and conscious breath allows you to go deeper, relax, and connect with the moment. Giving yourself over to a whole body orgasmic state will take slow, controlled and synced breath. Lay the groundwork and state of mind with your partner by sitting across from them, staring into their eyes and practicing breathing. You can do one of two things. You can breathe simultaneously or you can alternate breathing, i.e. you breathe in as they exhale and they breathe in as your exhale. Sync’d breathing may be hard to maintain throughout the entire process, but this breathing activity will remind you to stay calm, relaxed and breathing throughout. Remember to always take long, deep breaths.


Find your breaking point–

You should do this step alone, so that you can relax and only pay attention to yourself and the way you feel. Take some time to work yourself all the way up to your orgasmic breaking point and then back down. Immediately stop stimulating yourself and breathe. As your body calms, start bringing it back to that point and then stop. Repeat this process. Focus on the way your muscles tighten, the way your skin feels and find the farthest limit you can go without fully falling over the edge. This will do a few things: It will push your body into a steady orgasmic state, it will intensify your orgasm and it teaches you how to last longer.


Master your PC muscles–

Your PC muscles are located on your pelvic floor and they ultimately control your orgasm. They also happen to control your pee flow and that’s how you’re going to locate them. Go to the bathroom and stop peeing mid-stream. The muscles holding it in are your PC muscles. Knowing, controlling and using your muscles during sex and especially orgasm can help intensify everything. You can also use them to stave off impending orgasms. You will want to master these muscles by doing kegel exercises. Go here to learn how you should do it. Men are mostly stuck to their own devices, but ladies can get a little extra help by using ben wa balls. You can find these at sex stores like Adam & Eve.


Putting it all together–

Women can get the most of their orgasm by flexing their PC muscles as they begin to feeling their orgasm climbing.

Men can learn how to experience multiple orgasms by using theirs in conjunction with the breaking point backing off routine. Once you feel like you have mastered your breaking point and your PC muscles, work yourself back up to it and push yourself over. You will feel your PC muscles begin to move preparing you for ejaculation. You will need to constrict their movement right at that point. This will allow you to experience an orgasm without actually ejaculating, which will allow you to continue going. This will definitely take practice, so do not get discouraged if it doesn’t work immediately.

You will find that your orgasm will get more and more intense with each practice. You will get better at riding the orgasmic wave, knowing your body and fully relaxing.